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About Me

When my partner and I moved to Everett and bought a home in Ward 4, we were so excited to become a part of the community. Through conversations with my neighbors and Everett youth, I’ve been inspired to run for City Council to represent our Ward. Now and in the future, I vow to listen to your concerns, advocate for my neighbors, and work hard to earn your vote and respect through my actions. Together, I believe we can build an Everett where all residents are encouraged to come to the table, share their stories, and help shape the way we move into the future.

My Vision for Everett

Everett Schools

Everett students are engaged, passionate, intelligent, and they deserve to receive a quality education. Overcrowding has been impacting students for a long time, and we need to act with a sense of urgency to give them the space, attention, and choices they need to thrive. Renovating and re-opening Pope John as a school in Ward 4 is a sensible way to create more space now, while options for another high school are explored.

Housing in Everett

Everett has a legacy of being a community where working people can afford to live, raise families, and build a future. In spite of the large apartment complexes going up around the city, it is becoming more difficult for working families to afford rent and for elders to afford increasing tax payments on their homes. Many Everett residents are facing the hard choice to leave or continue to tighten their belts to afford to stay. We need solutions now to help the people of Everett stay in the city they love.

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